Friday, April 12, 2013

Work in Progress

I was born for sky and water
To gaze upon mountains from above
To play with raptors on the updraft
To rise beyond clouds into endless Sun's light
To bathe in the caressing heat of His touch
Or in the cold salt Sea, buoyed by Her tears

I was born to dive into darkness
To find the denizens of the deep
Unknown, unexplained, unilluminated

I was born for the glory of the heights
The wonders of the ocean's heavy night

Do not tether me to mundane soil
Do not yoke me to plod well-worn paths
I am no mortal prisoner of gravity
Neither Earth nor Fire can bind me

Seek me where the water meets the sky
Find me there and I will show you
The secrets of the curved horizon

(c) 2013 Aeryn Dex