Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

Five years ago, I wrote a post about Samhain and Halloween and my personal experiences. Isn't it interesting how things change over time?

Samhain, as I've said before and you probably know, is the night when the ancient Celts celebrated New Year. My ancestors observed a New Year celebration the night before my birthday, so it's easy for me to appropriate that and use Samhain as a time of personal prayer and contemplation, reviewing the year gone by and the year ahead.

What's changed for me, though, is that I no longer fear encountering malevolent spirits. Last month, I had an experience with something that tried to get into my body, and although it was a bit unnerving, I wasn't frightened. Jesus banished the spirit when I asked Him to, and I haven't been bothered since.

Tonight I will not be able to observe Samhain in my usual fashion, as I am volunteering at the film festival. But wherever you are, however you celebrate Halloween/Reformation Day/Samhain, I pray that the coming year will be overflowing with blessings for you and the ones you love.